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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

2003-08-02BoråsPenny BydlinskiEx1
2003-08-30GöteborgAlbert KurkowskiEx1
2003-09-13VarbergMarek ChadajEx2
2003-10-11GöteneEivor AnderssonEx1 NOM
2003-11-29GöteborgAliosha RomeroBest NFO, Best 6-10 months all breedsSpinneriet's club championship
2003-12-13MölndalAnnika HögbergEx1 BIV-total NOM
2004-02-14MölndalAliosha RomeroCAC
2004-03-06MalmöPenny BydlinskiCAC
2004-03-07MalmöGiangi RomanoCAC Champion NOMone vote of nine!
2004-04-10UddevallaAlbert KurkowskiEx2
2005-07-30Heistad (N)Aase NissenCACIB BIV NOM
2005-07-31Heistad (N)Lena NordströmCACIB BIV-total NOM
2005-08-14VarbergKarina BjuranCACIB IC BIV-total
2005-08-27/28Borås SW05Alva UddinEx2(3)
2005-09-10GöteborgEva PoratCAGCIB BIV-total
2005-09-24Stokke (N)Eva PoratCAGCIB BIV-total
2005-09-25Stokke (N)Lee SelassaCAGCIB
2005-10-01SvenljungaKarina BjuranCAGCIB BIV-total NOM BOX
2005-11-05StockholmHannah JensenCAGCIB NOM BOX
2005-11-06StockholmPia NymanCAGCIB GIC NOM BOX
2005Skogkattslingan-#9 best adult
2007-05-13UlricehamnAnne KøhnCACE BIV NOM
2007-06-02/03Örebro (SW)Lone LundCACE
2007-06-30ForshagaCharles SpijkerCACE BIV-total NOM
2007-08-11VarbergVeikko SaarelaCACE BIV-total NOM
2007-08-12VarbergHannah JensenCACE BIV-total NOM
2007-09-08MölndalHannah JensenCACE BIV#3 in ring final
2007-09-09MölndalPia NymanCACE BIV-total
2007-09-15Tønsberg (NO)Eva PoratCACE NOM
2007-09-16Tønsberg (NO)Nurit PahlCACE European Champion NOM
2007-09-03MölndalÅsa Hammarlund1 BIGSkogkattslingan's championship

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