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SC S*Animaniac's Bridget Jones

SC S*Animaniac's Bridget Jones

Blue mackerel tabby,
NFO a 23, female

Here she is - the female we never got after our hostcat Yawning Angel! We tried to get a girl with the qualities in Kiwawa we value highly, improved in the details we like less, but as our two trials only ended in male kittens, our hope was to get a kitten after one of those boys... Then Bridget was born, after a combination we knew would be magic, and with her close resemblance of her dad Mozilla, but with the most amazing ears, of course we fell for her! The day we realised Kiwawa might never give us more kittens, we could not believe our luck that Bridget Jones was still available.

Nessie has a perfectly straight profile, a chin as strong as can be, a marvellous NFO look and charisma, lovely ears and strong legs. The coat quality is simply super, just as expected after her parents. The overall harmony and the qualities we value so high makes us more than pleased and add to that a marvellous temperament and sweetness and there is nothing more we could wish for! Nessie is a big and strong girl, and we are pleased with a weight of two kilos at 16 weeks of age. At eight months her weight was 3.8 kilos.

Our sweetest Nessie got the Supreme Champion title in 2010 and collected some BIVs (13) and NOMs (14) during the way, as well as 2 Best in Show, but best of all, she loves to be on shows.

She got her first litter and was a marvellous mother. The kittens also got a marvellous cool and ragdoll-like temperament, just like mummy. The second litter was with our own male Tristan in 2010, our Wonderfalls litter and her third litter was 2011 with Tristan's son SC S*Restless Caramel Chew Chew JW DM DSM, our Star Wars planet litter.

Nessie is an extraordinary breeding female, but time flew from us and unfortunately we did not get a fourth litter. She was neutered after having trouble getting pregnant for a long time. Perhaps due to the uterine torsion causing a caesarean for her third litter? We were extremely lucky we saved both her and all her babies lives that time.

Big thanks Annika that Bridget could become a part of our family and we are grateful and excited to be able to pursue our breeding goal with this sweet and beautiful girl! She is unique!

HCM test on March 26, 2007 and October 2, 2009 - Bridget Jones is classified HCM normal at the age of 1 year and 3.5 years by by Björn Åblad. HCM test on May 30, 2011 by Torkel Falk again classified her as HCM normal, at 5 years 2 months of age.
HCM test on July 17, 2014 - Bridget Jones is classified HCM normal at the age of 8 year 4 months by by Torkel Falk.
Bridget Jones is DNA tested against GSD IV and is normal.
Bridget Jones is DNA tested against PK deficiency and is normal.

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