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The quotes below (if given) are intended to give a general impression of the cat, and are not necessarily the best quote from each show. The quotes are in their original language, and are verbatim.

For explanations of the various abbreviations, visit this page.

1999-12-11Dal (N)Geir EdvardsenEx1Type: Velbyggd jente m. fine kvaliteter.
2000-01-02Dal (N)Dorte-Marie KaplersEx1Head: Lovende rette linier fin profil og hage
2000-01-22Strømmen (N)Geir EdvardsenEx1Ears: Flott størrelse & plassering
2000-02-12MölndalRaymond SaetreEx3Eyes: Bra UTTRYKK
2000-04-01BoråsDagny DickensEx3Tail: Härlig längd/pälsning
2000-04-22KungsbackaAnne VelandEx1Head: Lovende i type - harmonisk og fin trekant
2000-04-23KungsbackaElisabeth SteinhauserEx1Type: ex body ex muscelles ex bonestructure for a girl
2000-07-08VadstenaJudith ZuurveldtCAC BIVCoat: Ex. double coat. Wonderful harsh guard hairs! Nice length as well.
2000-08-12Oslo (SW2000)Dorte Marie KaplersEx2Eyes: Ex shape
2000-09-02GöteborgAnnika HögbergCACType: Young massive built female with fine prop
2000-09-03GöteborgDorte Marie KaplersChampionEars: Big, well placed
2000-09-23KristianstadUlrike MullerEx2-

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